Play the News – Call for Partners

We have recently outlined two new projects that ImpactGames would love to pursue.  Based on multiple discussions we have had with leaders in the educational space and our own internal experience with creating content for both ourselves and clients we feel there is a timely and genuine potential for the use of our Play the News Platform as a teaching and training tool.  We welcome you to review the following proposals:

(1) Play the News in the classroom (K-12) – A proposal that focuses on the creation of educational modules for a range of subjects: 

Download Educational Proposal Here

(2) Play the News to teach new media journalism – A proposal that focuses on teaching new forms of journalism and discussing the future of interactive journalism:

Download Journalism Education Proposal Here

As always we are continuing our discussions with media outlets and content providers that are looking to broaden their digital and community offerings.  You can view our media partner presentation here:

Download Media Partner Proposal Here

We are also open to other creative applications and ideas on how our work can be integrated with other efforts.  We hope that these proposals will serve as a starting point for discussions.

One thought on “Play the News – Call for Partners

  1. Hello,

    My name is Elizabeth Buckner, I am a PhD student at the Stanford School of Education. I am writing on behalf of myself and Professor Paul Kim, Chief CTO of the Stanford School of Education.

    We are working on a peace education and mobile learning project in Palestine and were very impressed by the opportunities PeaceMaker offers. We noticed that you are interested in getting feedback from participants, but haven’t had the effects of the game assessed in any systematic way.

    We are planning a trip to Palestine in the coming year to work on a number of projects dealing with peace, education and empowerment of youth and were wondering if your team would like to collaborate with us. Specifically, what we have in mind is doing a scientifically based study of the effects of PeaceMaker to change or challenge young people’s opinions and attitudes towards the conflict.

    Essentially, the design would be quite simple — a pre-test, intervention (playing of the PeaceMaker game) and post-test on attitudes and ideas towards conflict.

    I think such a collaboration could be very useful, as we are interested in how digital technologies can be used to promote peace, and hopefully the findings of our study could be useful for you as well, both helping you assess your impact and increasing your name recognition.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time, at the email