Delivering meaningful experiences that reach, engage, inform, and activate people in new ways is at the core of our company's mission. Whether you are looking for new ways to communicate with and motivate your existing audience, access a new audience, or both, we can work with you to evaluate, design, and develop a solution to meet your needs. Don't know where to begin? We are happy to bring our field expertise to you and help you get your bearings in the interactive and game space. Already know where you want to go? We can help you on everything from design concepts, to full design documents and development.


Members of ImpactGames have given talks about serious games all over the world, at conferences, universities, and workshops. We are happy to give you an around the world tour of the things going on in this space, issues to be considered when evaluating what type of game or interactive you are looking for, and help with understanding the budgets and process of different types of digital projects. From the very beginning of a project or your first foray into serious games and interactives, it's important to make sure everyone is on the same page about what is possible, what has been successful, what hasn't, and why, and this crash course can get you up to speed.

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Our process has been built around the idea that the customer is an integral part of the design and development team. Throughout our process, we not only promote but require ongoing input, review, and approval by the client of tangible phased deliverables. The major stages of our project cycle are definition, design, and documentation. Each stage is intended to provide the client with value whether they continue on through the process or not. The definition stage will help you evaluate and commit to the intended audience, outcome, and budget (both money and resources) for the project and can help focus your organizational or design requirements. The Design phase is an iterative exploration of high level concepts to hone in on the best idea, providing you with great resources for internal buy-in, external funding, or even focus group testing. Finally, the documentation phase will provide a detail functionality spec that can serve as the basis of budgeting and development whether you move forward with us or seek other means of production.

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Once the design document has been finalized and approved, work begins on the creation of the project, and we love building things. Whether you are ready to move forward from our design consulting or already have a design and are looking for someone to make it a reality we can help. We have experience in a range of technologies that we can bring to bear on the development of your projects. We are also happy to serve as design/production consultants or as an executive producer working with other developers in order to create what you need. We keep this process as open as possible to allow for ongoing reviews and comments at various stages of the development cycle. This concludes with extensive testing and refinement until the project is released and the process has concluded.

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