ImpactGames was founded in 2006 by Asi Burak and Eric Brown while attending Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. The company was founded to continue the product, platform, and mission relating to their teams' graduate school work on the PeaceMaker game. The company went on to create Play the News, another award-winning platform. In 2010 the assets and naming rights to the company were acquired by Hybrid Learning Systems. Eric Brown joined the Hybrid Learning Systems' team as President to continue on the mission of the company while Asi Burak went on to become Co-Director of one of our favorite organizations, Games for Change.

Hybrid Learning Systems has a long history as an innovator in the mobile and e-learning space and is committed to continue the same passion for ImpactGames' founding principles. The integration of ImpactGames into Hybrid reflects the manner in which Hybrid views learning technologies and user interactions, as opposed to the traditional eLearning modules which are typically user to computer interactions, Hybrid believes that learning should be an experience and encourage interaction and communication between learners. View more about Hybrid Learning Systems and the team here.