PeaceMaker: Launching the Educator Community

I am writing to announce the launch of a PeaceMaker Educator Forum.  We have now had over 2 years of teachers and students playing PeaceMaker.  Over these 2 years we have had many inquiries from teachers, researchers, and even prestigious press organizations as to how the use of PeaceMaker has contributed to classroom and out of classroom learning.  Who better to answer these questions then those of you who are teachers and students.

We would be very grateful if you could quickly answer the following relevant survey.  I promise you that it is a very short survey and will only take a couple moments of your time.

Educator Survey

Student Survey

The goal of this outreach is to create a central repository and community where you can share with each other all of the different ways that PeaceMaker can be used to enrich learning and community initiatives, provide testimonials to promote the use of PeaceMaker in and out of the classroom, and create a list of individuals that are willing to be contacted by peers and press.  We would love for you to visit the Forum at forum(dot)impactgames(dot)com (sorry for not hyperlinking it but it has started to be apammed), and even better to contribute your own testimonials and lesson plans for others to learn from.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

3 thoughts on “PeaceMaker: Launching the Educator Community

  1. For years I have prayed for a video game that promoted There are many reasons for anhedonia, but joy and bliss and beauty, their creation, cultivation and sustenance, are the best kind of prayer.Peace and prayers. AJ

  2. I love this game!!!! We play it with all family!!! Almost all my friends play it! I’m very glad to opening of a forum devoted to discussion of this game! I want to express huge gratitude to its founders.
    With the best regards, Kate Lang