PeaceMaker Free to Beta Testers!

** Update December 2nd 2015 – This version is no longer supported on newer OS. you can still find this version to download but we have no and are not working on a version that will resolve the issue that arose with Quicktime and Java. If you are trying to access the game and we have not yet released the new version you can use our contact form to reach out to be a beta tester of the newer version.

We have been working on and off to try to create a DRM (activation code) free version of PeaceMaker for some time now.  In the process of doing this we are attempting to update some of our media players and other know issues that have resulted over the years.  We have been giving this version out to select individuals for testing purposes and have had some success with only very rare technical issues.

Our hope has been to get this version stable enough to update our store and implement a pay what you want system.  The funds people decide to give would go to other extensions to this product that we have been slowly chipping away at such as a mobile version and a publishing platform.  With our activation server currently having technical issues we decided the time was right time to make this new version available to anyone who would like to play the game.

We hope that those choosing to download our new beta version would at least let us know of any technical issues by contacting us at our support email (support[@] All we will request from you would be your system specs and a log file that we will steer you to.  We would ask for this in order to make the game more stable for everyone and expedite our final transition to a free to all model.

Without further ado the links (** Links removed from this post to insure understanding of discontinued support):

14 thoughts on “PeaceMaker Free to Beta Testers!

  1. I had Peacemaker on an older computer and now wanted a version on newer one. I was impressed with the complexities and ambiguities you had built into the game. However, am dismayed at the length of time it’s taking to download this (more than an hour)

  2. there is a black screen on full screen and i can’t minimize it to windowed mode.

  3. I’ve been playing the beta and have found the game really enjoyable :)
    It is quite difficult and I am yet to have won.
    I love the idea of this game!!!
    One issue I have come across is my computer has frozen several times during play and I have had to shut the computer off via the power button. This may be due to my computer’s tech specs. I was going to purchase the game from before I found out about beta 1.25 but the Mac game store app I have had a warning telling me my computer didn’t meet the minimum specifications required to run the game.
    It sais I need a PowerPC Mac, whereas I have an Intel Mac, and it said I need OSX 10.5.8 whereas I have 10.8.4.
    The game works fine apart from the occasional unfixable Freeze, but this could just be my laptop.
    The game otherwise is fantastic and really enjoyable and thought provoking.
    Thank you for endeavouring to make a game like this

  4. Hi,

    I am going to be teaching an undergrad course on Leadership. I have earlier played the Peacemaker (the paid version) and think that the game can be of immense value to students.

    I am wondering if I can use the free beta version or will the students have to pay for the simulation.

    Please advise. Thanks

  5. Great initiative and a fantastic game!!
    I’m glad you are giving the chance for people to download the game for free and test it, I’m sure that this will bring you many new participants, which is the goal of the whole initiative.

    Keep on doing great work!

  6. I can’t get through the Windows installation, because the installer cannot create C:\Program Files (x86)\PeaceMaker\lib\data\ais_School_ST.wav

  7. i cant seem to download the game, my computer sees it as a virus and even prevents me form overiding it like it usally does.

  8. I apologize for not responding to support issues in this thread. We do our best to respond and help with all issues faced by people using the game – we can also be reached through our contact page more directly. There is actually another version posted now and going live for the general public that addresses some of the issues raised above. I would also ask you to look at the technical issues blog post which I will also be updating to outline known issues and solutions.

  9. I couldn’t get peacemaker to recognize quicktime installation. I am getting an error when I am launching the application indication it couldn’t find the version of the application.

    Quicktime player latest version is installed on my pc. Any recommendation?

  10. I mention the sofrawe is nothing but while i try to install from the internet,i get only demo mode,so its asking for a software to download a full version. so i need what software to be download to get the full version game for free.

  11. Dear All,

    This version is no longer supported on most current mac OS. You are welcome to try but if you face issues we do not have a fix for this issue on this version. This has to do with quicktime and Java support issues. Downloading the news versions of quicktime will not fix the issue. We are developing a new version that resolves these issues that will be released soon. Please contact us to beta test that version if are trying to access the game.