Sometimes PlayTheNews Becomes the News

On two separate occasions our news games were drawn into the event we had represented, when the real-life characters began paying attention to them.  How weird.

First case: a game we published with Read Write Web about Data Portability.  The founder of DP, Chris Saad, who is represented by a role in the game, played it and promised not to spoil the game since he “knows the answers”.

Second case: our recent game about BoingBoing and Violet Blue was posted and hosted by Violet Blue on her blog, open to comments by her audience.

Will we see future feedback loops?  Say Obama looking at our community predictions/opinions for his prospective VP?

3 thoughts on “Sometimes PlayTheNews Becomes the News

  1. I suspect that this will happen frequently in the future. After all, if our news heroes want to know what we really think about them, they need to look at the spread between what we expect they will do and what we hope they will do.

  2. The DataPortability Project tracks twitter, blogs, mainstream media and conferences on what people are saying about the concept. We are always listening :)

    It either helps us change strategy or understand what our weaknesses are as the broader community is interpreting something different from what we advocate.

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