Call for Beta Testers!

In February we are launching a closed beta of our new online product: Play the News, imagine if you will Fantasy Sports meets the Evening News. As a player you can choose your role and participate in a variety of real events: domestic, global, serious news as well as softer issues and entertainment. You can gain a deeper understanding of the day’s headlines while voicing your opinion. You will be measured vs. reality as well as against the performance of other community members.

To make it a bit more interesting for those of you that choose to help us out we will be giving away an iPhone to one lucky participant. Just by signing up you have a chance to win. Perform well on the platform to raise your chances.

If you would like to take part and help us in shaping this unique product, please use the contact form. If possible and you feel verbose, we’d love to hear in 1-2 sentences who you are, and why you are interested to join. We apologize in advance if we can’t accommodate everyone, as it is a limited beta. In any case, your personal data is guaranteed and will not be used for any other purpose, not now and not in the future.

8 thoughts on “Call for Beta Testers!

  1. Thanks for doing this! I am a secondary school librarian I study instructional technology at university. I use games and sims in my library on a regular basis. I believe that my input will help the game to become more attractive to the 12-19 age group. My expertise in instructional design will also help me contribute to the game’s effectiveness to “get its point across” in the best way possible. Please allow me to help you beta-test this. My cohort at university is interested in all aspects of simulation construction and implementation.

  2. If this will be available for Linux I might want to help out..

    And have you given up on a Linux version of PeaceMaker? That would be too bad!

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  4. I’m a freshman at CMU. I am a Malaysian Muslim and leaders from my country have been great freinds to the Palestinian Authority leaders. We have always given them our utmost support so this issue is one that’s been with me for a while now.

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  6. First of all, congratulations on taking a step and breaking that “line” where before we always had Shooting games, where at some point they do influence people somehow in a bad way.
    I will be thrilled to see the game you guys have developed and also I will really look forward seeing this game being played world wild. It is really a wonderful idea you guys came up with.

    Let’s us wait and see if this game could add a bit of peace and understanding to our conflited world.

  7. As I high school librarian, I would love to offer this to my Social Studies teachers, and as an activity for our Study Hall kids. What a wonderful way to use kids’ deep connection to the web and gaming to reconnect them to the world that impacts them!