Why PeaceMaker costs money (contd)

I recently was invited to write something for the Huffington Post and thought it would be a great venue to continue my thoughts on the subject raised in Why PeaceMaker costs money?

If you found the previous discussion interesting please have a look at this new post. Again it was difficult not to go into the many facets of my thoughts on this subject, especially in a short post, but I brought up some other issues that are interesting to me. As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

One thought on “Why PeaceMaker costs money (contd)

  1. Most people who can afford to surf the internet can definitely pay $19.95 for a video game like this. I suppose the biggest concern that skeptics have is with the concept of “bang-for-their-buck”… Why pay that much money for this when there are products out there that look, feel and play better?

    While Peacemaker looks very well polished and I give kudos to ImpactGames for making a fantastic game, it does seem a little more “passively” interactive compared to more main-stream video games. But by independent video game standards, $19.95 is fairly close to the mark when it comes to such small-scale development.

    Quality and Price go hand-in-hand for consumers, and expecting the market to change overnight in this sense (regardless of the purpose of the product) is a little bit idealistic.

    Ultimately, the bigger challenge Peacemaker has to face to succeed well in the gaming industry is in your marketing factor. While the program, according to the news, has reached many within Palestine and Israel through the Peres edition, you should also consider the online community (through which most of the profit would be generated from) as well. Advertising online at popular gaming and tech-saavy websties could greatly boost the world’s awareness in your products. After all, this is a computer game!

    My apologizes for being a bit presumptive (after all, I really wouldn’t know all about your marketing schemes, hehe), but I only write the above from my experience as an avid video gamer.