ImpactGames' Next Product

We were somewhat hesitant to announce our new endeavors while still in early stages of development but our good friend Charlie O’Donnell did it for us. Charlie is a passionate advocate for the anti-stealth approach and his Blog is his way to communicate his business ideas and vision in full transparency. Our new effort in his own words:

“…If we’re in a bubble, why aren’t these guys fully funded yet? Oh… wait… that’s because they’re not anti-stealth. They’re not stealth either… They’re just a bit lax in telling the the world about their cool app. Impact Games is taking their award winning concept from a game about the middle east they built called PeaceMaker to the web, and turning the news into an interactive, community driven game experience. Imagine fantasy baseball meets CNN. They’re not looking for ridiculous amounts of money either, and Asi and Eric are great guys… so someone go fund them.”

And still among friends, check out Hila Medalia’s new documentary about the Israeli Palestinian Conflict “To Die in Jerusalem“. The film is distributed by HBO Films and like PeaceMaker it focuses on the two perspectives, trying hard to present a balanced account of real events. Hila also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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