Top Indie Games Lists

Two interesting (and competing) lists have been published. Game Tunnel introduces the “top 100 Indie Games list” and TIGSource fires back with a collection of 50 “high quality independent games”. They introduce a short blurb on each game, and I believe that people who are interested in what we’re doing may like to follow some of the recommendations. Not many social/political/serious games made the lists, but there are some very interesting approaches to gameplay that you won’t find in mainstream titles.

Thanks to the Rampant Coyote Blog that appeared on my Google alerts for PeaceMaker.

2 thoughts on “Top Indie Games Lists

  1. dear team at Peacemaker,
    i have decided to tag your blog, as a small way of thanking you for the great work you are doing in the wider picture of education and community-building.
    please do not feel obliged to participate in this meme-construction exercise, i would perfectly understand if you do not :-)
    thank you, and keep up the terrific work. you are making the world a better place.

  2. It was the Top 100 list wich lead me to this game… I was really amazed when I played the Demo and so I had to buy it instantly :)

    Good Work!