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Update (11/21/14): We are now making the game free to all. We will still do everything we can to support our community however this also coincides with us discontinuing formal support for the game. The game was developed over 6 years ago and changes to operating systems, hardware, and other technologies are causing technical issues that we are unable to resolve without doing a complete overhaul of the game.

Please look below for solutions to commonly faced issues. If none of these solutions help you please feel free to contact support for assistance and we will see what else we may be able to do for you. If you recently purchased the game and we can’t resolve your issue of course will will offer you a full refund. If you have an older version of PeaceMaker or received the game through the Peres Center for Peace there are older fixes listed below but we would ask you to try installing the new free version first.

Java Quicktime Error
We are getting more frequent reports that this error is appearing and blocking peoples ability to play the game. Currently we are looking into reports that Yosemite on Apple devices is blocking on this error. The discontinuation of the support for Quicktime in Java applications is one of the major reasons we have discontinued support and walked away from our original build and begun development of a newer engine. While we understand peoples comments that we could simply change the codec for audio and video in the old engine to fix the issue we have chosen instead to spend our limited resources on our new development. We hope you understand and are patient with us as we try to move this forward.

Downloading or Installing is Being Blocked
Newer security features prompt the user before downloading or installing applications from the internet if they are from an unknown source. In some cases you can click ok and proceed while in other cases this may require that you modify your settings to allow the installation to continue. This will vary by operating system and you will need to look for a help icon on the alert that should guide you through your options. For instance on certain Apple operating systems simply right clicking the installer instead of double clicking will allow you to bypass the block. While we understand that this is not ideal it costs an annual fee to maintain an application security certificate so we hope you don’t mind this added layer.

Installation Failure – Installer Won’t Even Launch
The first thing to check for if the application shows fails to initiate the installation process is that you fully downloaded the application before attempting to install. The file size you see on your computer should be 210MB for Mac and 227MB for PC.

Installation Failure – Can’t Install Files to Program Files(x86)
We have also been seeing issues on PCs that support both 32 and 64 bit applications where the application is being installed in the Program Files(x86) folder. This does not seem to always happen so is something we are still trying to sort out. If you are facing this issue please contact us at support. You can also attempt installing the application in a different location as we believe it may have to do with security permission related to saving files to that location. If anyone faces this issue and finds a fix please contact us or post your findings in the comments.

Game Doesn’t Run after Installation or Can’t Recover From Full Screen Mode
For rare cases when the start screen shows up but the game doesn’t run you will need to run the game in windowed mode. The new version of the game defaults to windowed mode to circumvent this issue, however if you change this setting in the game and face this problem you can follow these steps to return the game to windowed mode. Please download this file and put it in C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\PeaceMaker

Full Screen and Multi-Screen Issues
Our game was designed to work on the broadest spectrum of machines in 2007. The process we used to display the game full screen and the resolution we chose are a little bit out of date. We know this causes issues for a lot of modern systems and configurations which is why our new build defaults to windowed mode. We would love for everyone to experience the game in full screen and I wish there was an easy fix for this but it opens a whole rabbit whole of changes. The best I can recommend if you want to attempt this or need to in order to project the game is to crank back your screen resolution before entering full screen mode (1024×768).

Peres Version – QuickTime Issues
If you own the Peres Center version of PeaceMaker (v1.068, distributed exclusively through Israel and the Palestinian Territories) feel free to install this patch for PC or for Mac. DO NOT use this patch if you downloaded PeaceMaker, or purchased a physical copy through Amazon.com, or a specific event.

Older Versions – QuickTime Issues
If you own the online version (v1.063 and earlier) or the CD version (physical copy) feel free to install this patch for PC or Mac. You do not need this patch if you own a later version of PeaceMaker. DO NOT use this patch if you have the Peres Center version.

4 thoughts on “Having tech issues? Read this first…

  1. I just installed the latest QuickTime, as directed by Peacemaker’s error message. PM does come up now but gets stuck – ie for the most part won’t take any directions from me.

    I am using a disk I bought directly from you. The QT patch you have listed on home only mentiohns Perez versions and ohn-line versions – no mention of disk version. (Mine is version 1.0.0)

    Please advise how I can get this thing cranked up

  2. @Wahrhaftig – Sorry for the inconvenience. Patch B is good for the online version as well as the physical CD that you own. After installing it, please restart and run the game again. If you still encounter any issue, let us know.

  3. Have tried this in two PCs a Dell laptop with Vista and a desktop with Vista 64, in both I have installed and reinstalled for this game QT and even though the game opens I received no sound nor video in both settings. I installed the patch – not the Perez one – without reaults, installed the settings file, nothing new escept from the windowed opening. Please advise.

    Thank you

  4. I have the physical disk v.1.08 purchased from Amazon. Is there a patch for me that finally adresses the QT issues? Please advise.

    Thank you for assistance.

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