PeaceMaker wins an award at the Games for Change Festival

The Games for Change Festival was held this week in NYC (11-12th). As in recent years, a diverse line of speakers, panelists and community members with the passion to create games for the greater good. Gamasutra ran a good summary of the event.

The festival was highlighted by an expo of selected games and an award show. An audience choice award was given to MTVU’s Darfur is dying, created by Take Action Games, and a panel of judges selected finalists and announced the best games for change in three main categories: Airport Security won the Best Art/Commentary Game Award, Ayiti – the Cost of Life won the Best awareness-Raising Game and PeaceMaker won the Best Transformation Game. Here is a brief outline of the criteria:

For the best game which engages players on a deep and meaningful level around an important social issue, whose aims and outcomes are no less than to foster a powerful intellectual or behavioral transformation in it users. Criteria: Is it a good game, with good game play and a solid integration of game mechanic and content? How well did this game transform its players in learning or outlook? How effective might it be in creating concrete change in the real world? These are often bigger budget games aimed at deeper learning or change of world view.

One thought on “PeaceMaker wins an award at the Games for Change Festival

  1. A well-earned award.

    I recently bought Peacemaker am im quite impressed by what you accomplished. The game is well-documented, fun and engaging.

    Sincere congratulations on a work well-done,

    – Yannick Jean