Extended Demo

Based on customers’ feedback, we’ve upgraded our free demo (v1.05). The new demo enables 8 actions (or 8 turns) which we believe will give a better chance to get engaged in the experience and explore its multiple layers. As in the older version, we included the in-game tutorial, and the option to try out both perspectives.

And on another note- a TV crew from AlJazeera visited Pittsburgh yesterday to cover PeaceMaker. They interviewed us in our offices and then met with our content advisor, Dr. Laurie Eisenberg, and a group of Americans, Israelis and Arabs who played the game. This is very positive – we had been mentioned many times in Jewish and Israeli media and we see this as a real opportunity to reach out to the Arab audience. The story will air soon, so more to come.

3 thoughts on “Extended Demo

  1. For those of us who bought the actual game, is there any reason to download to v1.05?

  2. No, the new version introduces the extended demo with no changes to the full game. We will make sure to announce major improvements or updates in the future. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Well, after seeing Dani Yatom ending up with a third Intifada, too, it made me feel just a bit better that I haven’t won the game yet. It’s tough. But if you people really want to know what I think would be a real addition, it would be an option of a game for two players, and an option to play online.