New PeaceMaker Demos

Among the changes we’ve recently made to the website, we’re happy to present our new free demos. Both are available for Mac and PC and are also hosted by other sites such as The mini or tutorial demo (60mb) is limited but effective. It does not provide real gameplay experience but it is a good overview of the interface and the features of PeaceMaker. The full demo (220mb) is a ‘try-and-buy’ version, which means that you have the full game in your hands and can activate it upon purchase, no second download required. It provides actual gameplay for 3 turns (3 weeks in ‘game time’).

Another change I’d like to point out is the new links page. It gives us a chance to show some related work and inspiration. As PeaceMaker and other games open a new category in interactive media, we always looked to similar developments in more traditional media like cinema or comic books. It is exciting to see creators still finding fresh ways to deal with meaningful content and challenge the boundaries between real world events and entertainment.

2 thoughts on “New PeaceMaker Demos

  1. Hi, My name is Emerson Smith. I was told about this project by one of my teachers. She had the tutorial demo and so I tried it right there before class. When I got home I downloaded the play demo and know I am doing this for extra credit. Play it. Beat it. Present it. And I think my teachers want to set it up on all of our school’s computers and I wanted to say I am glad you did this. Sure, I knew about some terrible things that happened in the world. I studied the Holocaust this year. I know. But it was hard to believe that one has existed for over 60 years and I am glad that this can grip the attention of the world’s youth. Don’t give up on your mission.

    Emerson Smith