Some people asked us about PeaceWare and if we moved into the fashion business… it actually started by accident. We created t-shirts for the team with the title “I Wanna Be a PeaceMaker” (ala “I Wanna Be a Producer”) and people liked them. We wore them to our meeting with Arun Gandhi in Washington DC and in our Pittsburgh office and passers-by actually wanted to purchase them. So diligent Patrick designed some peace items for us and we uploaded them to Cafepress. Our office is now packed with PeaceMaker mugs, shirts and bags. Peace is cool.

Open for Comments

Due to public demand we changed the PM Blog policy, so you don’t have to register in order to post a comment on the Blog. Apparently anti-spam filters were blocking some of our password/confirmation emails. If you encounter such a problem please send a support email to us and we will make sure to send you a password. Marco Boltz from Germany wanted to post this positive comment:

“Thanks ImpactGames for this wonderful game. Despite the every day news it gives hope that maybe someday Israelis and Palestinians and all the other people in this area can and will live in peace. I read about this game in a German newspaper and almost immediately bought and downloaded it from your website. It took me about 2 hours to finish it successfully on the highest level of difficulty as the Palestinian President. Never had such a happy and satisfying game experience. I will play it again as the Israeli Prime Minister. Even though this may sound naive and even though real people of this conflict don’t have the save- and load-button, I’m sure as long as everyone puts the same effort and passion into achieving a peaceful solution as most players of this game, we will see the friendly co-existence of these two states. Thanks again!”

More Reviews

Raph Koster, the former CCO of Sony Online announces PeaceMaker. He compares it to Hidden Agenda and Balance of Power (Chris Crawford) and adds: “The fact that we only have three significant games in this genre in 17 years is a little depressing”. We couldn’t agree more.

I am very interested in posting some early comments we got from players, it just takes time to get their permission and all. And yes, feel free to post them comments in the blog… please let us know everything, why you liked and what wasn’t so right.

PeaceMaker Tips

So, PeaceMaker is out. This is great as we are already getting feedback from players and enjoying it very much. Based on that, a few quick tips that could enhance the experience:

1. Try playing with headphones. The music plays a significant role in the experience.

2. Run the in-game tutorial, even if you played video games before. That can always help. You can find it under the “difficulty level” (after you choose a side).

3. Play both sides. Why not? It seems that many people feel more comfortable with one side rather than the other. Well, we want you to try something new and to explore the unknown perspective. And the two sides are very different.

4. Just a reminder- the game includes English, Arabic and Hebrew (all in one copy).

PeaceMaker is Available!

Hi everyone,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. After more than 2 years of production, the PeaceMaker game is available for online download. We are eagerly anticipating your feedback and comments, and we would like to thank all of you for the continuous interest, encouragement and mainly – patience.

Some more good news- PeaceMaker advanced to Finalist in Ashoka’s Changemakers competition (11 out of 158 peace initiatives from all over the world). The final stage is open for public voting – we would love to get your support.


The PeaceMaker team