3 thoughts on “Impactgames.com is Live

  1. Asi,

    The new website looks terrific. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole game upon release.

    In the meantime, I wonder if you might be able to generate some more buzz with a gameplay trailer. Screen record a few sections of gameplay and let us see the interface in action.

    It’s also interesting, and perhaps a little confusing, to see different information about Peacemaker on the ImpactGames site and on the PeaceMaker site. I was glad to see a section for educators and the downloads on http://www.impactgames.com, I wonder if those should be available on http://www.peacemaker.com as well…

    Those suggestions aside, it’s great to see you all making so much progress.

    Best of luck on this final push,
    Justin Reich
    Center for Teaching History with Technology

  2. Justin-

    Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful suggestions. We are in the process of editing the gameplay trailer and it will be available soon. We also plan to upgrade the PM site and align it with the ImpactGames site. So- more to come!