Another Voice at ImpactGames

In introduction, my name is Joe Stafura, the individual responsible for the daily advancement of the marketing and sales efforts here at ImpactGames.

I met Eric and Asi through my friend and partner Bill Recker, who is an investor and board member in ImpactGames, last summer. A few meetings later, I joined them on a daily basis to help with the startup process and my excitement has been growing ever since.
Since joining ImpactGames my oldest son, JZ and I have worked together on market research and analysis for Peacemaker and had many conversations about the bigger idea of the game. The following is what he wrote concerning some of those talks.

“PeaceMaker is a little game about a very big idea. Peace. What it takes to create peace. What it takes to maintain peace. And here at Impact Games, we’re not shy about believing that our little game can make a difference. You can’t be timid when you’re a PeaceMaker.

PeaceMaker is more than a game. It’s an idea. A structure. A force. A worldview. A community. A gathering place to determine how to view and change the world. And as a title, “PeaceMaker” refers to the best in people, to their honesty and courage, and to their unwavering drive to better themselves and the world around them.

Do you wanna be a PeaceMaker?

The ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes, to feel their happiness and their pain as an extension of your own; the ability to empathize with the humanity close you, and that far away, is perhaps the most significant skill one can develop in this modern world. Much interpersonal conflict, regional strife, and geopolitical struggle can be traced to the root cause of a misunderstanding of worldviews, or a denial of the other side’s view completely. To find a kernel of common ground among the fiercest antagonists is the first step towards the larger schemas of compromise, collaboration, and mutual respect. To see yourself in the mirror of national and social boundaries is to find restraint, if only for a moment, which may provide just enough of a window to recognize another path: that of a PeaceMaker.”

JZ Stafura

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