ImpactGames Founders Launch Blog on PeaceMaker

In an effort to increase communication with our community of interest and future customers and supporters we have decided to launch a blog. We get lots of emails and in many cases respond to a lot of the same questions and comments. We have been working on this project for some time now and have had many interesting conversations with many people. We hope sharing some of these conversations and inviting others to join in will further expand our efforts.

We hope that this blog will allow us to share a lot of information about what we are trying to do and our motivation for doing it. Asi Burak and I will post our thoughts about the business, the development of PeaceMaker, and issues surrounding our efforts. From time to time we will also be inviting people from various circles to comment on PeaceMaker and different aspects our goals.

I hope you will find our thoughts revealing and informative. We invite comment and feedback from any and all. Due to the nature of some of the subject matter we are requiring people to sign in to be able to post. We do not plan on censoring unless truly necessary however we also ask that you be sensitive in your posts and keep the postings constructive.

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